5 Reasons You Should Visit Philippines Once in Your Life

The Philippines is located in the South-East Asia and is called as “Perla del Mar de Oriente” which means ‘Pearl of the Orient Sea.’ The term was from a Spanish Jesuit Missionary Father Juan J. Delgado and was popularized by Jose Rizal – the country’s national hero – with his last poem titled “Mi Ultimo Adios” before he died.

According to the Department of Tourism, the country was visited by over 6 million tourists last 2016. From the past years, the number has been rising with more tourists being attracted to visit the country. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit the Philippines:

  1. The hospitality of the Filipinos

Filipinos are known for their hospitality even with strangers. So even if you visit the Philippines for the first time and you are alone, you won’t even feel like you are a stranger. Everyone will welcome you and treat you like a friend or a family member. The Department of Tourism showed this culture for their 2017 campaign. You can watch the family-themed TVC here.

  1. The 7,641 islands that you can explore

Unlike in other places that are connected with other countries, the Philippines is an archipelago – composed of 7,641 islands. The country has rich natural resources so you can find different bodies of water and types of landform. Thus, you can enjoy various activities like mountain climbing, scuba diving, trekking, surfing, biking, kayaking, and much more.

  1. The diverse culture

Based on the country’s history, the Philippines was colonized by several countries before they became independent. Spain has the largest influence in Philippines culture even up to this day. However, it can be argued that the U.S.A. developed the country into a better one by providing education to everyone, free trade and improvement of the agricultural sector, and democracy in the government. During the World War 2, Japan occupied the Philippines. Nowadays, the country loves adapting and learning culture from their neighboring countries like South Korea.

  1. The delectable foods

Like any other country, Philippines has their own pride in terms of food. Tourists who are familiar with the country know that their main dish is “adobo.” Its origin was from Mexico but they have a unique way of cooking this dish. The meat (usually chicken or pork) is cooked using several spices like garlic, pepper, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar. The best thing is you don’t have to store it in the refrigerator. Other famous Filipino cuisines are Lechon, sisig, crispy pata, chicken inasal, pancit palabok, bulalo, kare-kare, and much more.

  1. No language barrier

Another distinct factor of Philippines from its neighboring Asian countries is their knowledge in speaking English. Their main language is Tagalog and they have thousands of different dialects all over the country. However, their secondary language is English. Thus, you don’t really have to study basic Tagalog language (or you can since its’ fun). You won’t have to worry about getting lost or be afraid of exploring the country alone.

These are just five out of the million reasons why you should visit the Philippines. To give you an idea how it will feel or look like, here are some of the videos from travelers that visited the country including Lost LeBlanc, Janick Møllerud, JacksGap, and Waldemar Spetany. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and discover the beauty of the Philippines!


When To Bathe Puppies And How To Do It Properly

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, there are over 36% households in the U.S. that have dogs as their pet. Even in our own home, we have dogs.

Since they are living together with our families and sleep in our beds, it is extremely important to take note of their hygiene. In our house, we have kids so we always make sure that our pets are always clean.

I remember bathing our first puppy, which was very difficult because he got really scared. Some dog owners gave me helpful advises in bathing puppies. But the main question is: When should we start giving puppies a bath?

The Right Time To Bathe Puppies

Puppies are generally cleaned by their mothers by licking their fur so they don’t need to bathe at a very young age. As we can observe, most of the dog shampoos that we can find in the market are for 3 months and older. Thus, it is advisable to bathe puppies after they reach the age of 3 months.

What if you need to clean your puppies?

Dogs are naturally playful so it is not surprising to see them dirty most of the time. Since they are living in our homes, it is important for them to be clean. In this case, you only use a damp cloth or disposable wipes. But if they really do need a bath due to extreme dirt or bad odor, you can bathe them using a damp cloth and a mild shampoo.

How To Properly Bathe Puppies

In a sense, puppies are similar with newborn babies. Thus, it is important to introduce them gently to water and bathing. You need to make sure that they are comfortable with the help of the following: warm room, warm water that is comfortable to use in bathing, fluffy towels, and warm air for drying their fur.

Teach puppies that taking a bath is a good thing. Before bathing them, you need to let get used to the bathing area. Allow them to roam the area and sniff everything they want to. You can even use toys and treats to let them enjoy. It will definitely help your puppies think that the area is safe and secured for them.

Once they feel comfortable in the bathing area, you can slowly introduce them to water. Open the faucet and let the water run so that they can get used to the sound of it. To show them that there is nothing to fear, splash them with a little water. At first, they might get scared and be apprehensive. But once they saw that water can’t harm them, you can easily convince them to take a bath.

Before bathing your puppy, make sure to close the bathing area so that he/she won’t escape. This can be stressful for them so you need to calm them down by using toys or playing with them. Once they are relaxed, you can start filling the tub and put your puppies on it. Lift up your puppy and put his hind legs first in the tub. Make sure that their head is above the water.

Once you start bathing them and they are struggling or keep on getting out of the tub, you need to soothe them. Never manhandle them but guide them gently to the best position for bathing. Take note that you need to move slowly because it will further scare them. Plus, you can talk to your puppies to soothe their fears.

In applying the shampoo, put a small amount into your hands. Make sure that the shampoo is suitable for puppies and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Avoid getting the shampoo in your puppy’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Don’t forget to shampoo the tail.

In terms of washing your puppy’s head, you should not simply dump water to it because it will make them scared or might cause an ear infection. You should tip the nose up then pour the water behind the skull. Using this method, you will avoid wetting the face and the water will run over the body; away from the nose and eyes. An alternative method is using a very wet washcloth to clean the face.

After thoroughly washing the shampoo off the puppy’s fur, dry him using a towel; leave the head exposed. Rub him a little then let him down together with the towel wrapped around him. Let him shake off his body. No need to worry about messy floor because the towel will absorb the water.

Fully dry your puppy with the help of a hairdryer. Use the ‘air’ setting without the heat. First-time use will scare your puppies because of the sound. Just like in bathing, introduce him in using hairdryer slowly. Here is a video on how to properly bathe puppies.

Keeping your puppies clean is important, especially if they are living in your house. However, it is not necessary for them to take a bath because their mother keeps them clean. In case that they really need a good scrubbing due to bad odor or too much dirt, you can simply use a wet washcloth or even wet wipes. Once they reach the age of 3 months old, giving them a bath won’t be a problem.

If you have any advice, comments, or simply want to share your experience in bathing your puppies, feel free to write it below.


The Human Aura


Though we are now living in a digital era with several advancements in technology, there are still several things in this world that can’t be explained by logic and science. One of these things is the human aura.

Back then, people are skeptical about the topic of human aura because they can’t “see” it. They thought that some people are simply making it up to gain attention or get a living out of it and earn money. However, several types of research are now showing that it is real. From the Quantum Physics field, there is scientific evidence which proves that we are all interconnected.

So what is human aura? It is an energy field that surrounds a person. Sometimes, it is also referred as a psychic energy field. The human aura is a colorful luminous body made up of multilayered oval energy field that surrounds our physical body. Furthermore, it is composed of colored bands of light, sound, and vibrations. The main source of our aura comes from the energy vortices of the body or the seven chakras; then all of it mixes together. As a result, it becomes an egg-shaped or an electromagnetic field that surrounds our body.

There are three different layers of the aura, which are different from one another because it is composed of physical, emotional, and spiritual. Several factors affect a person’s aura including the state of mind, emotions, and how he/she physically feel. Aside from these, the external factors should also put into consideration, such as energies in the environment, radio frequencies, the force fields of the planets, and much more. Thus, it is not surprising that a person’s aura is always in a state of flux. Based on these factors, the aura will be different from each person. Those who are feeling at ease by practicing yoga and eating healthy foods will have vibrant colors. On the other hand, those who are stressed, physically ill, or doesn’t bother taking care of themselves will have muddied colors. It becomes a visual indicator of a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual states. In addition, it is an electronic signature of who we are.

The Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud is when a consumer experienced financial or other types of losses due to business transactions. The main intention of the criminal is to advertise and sell products and/or services by using deception, fraud, unfair commercial practices, suppression, or omission of any material fact that will mislead the consumers. Business transactions can happen in several types of form. Aside from personal experience, it consumer fraud can also be done through phone calls, mail, and online.

The Federal Trade Commission is the department of government assigned to protect the consumers. They are using various methods to educate everyone, such as law enforcement actions, lead workshops, consumer and business education, issue reports and policy guidance, and participation in forums.

According to the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book (2017), the top consumer complaint is debt collection – which makes up 28% of the complaint. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), “a debt collector is someone who collects debts owed to others” – which can be companies, agencies, and lawyers. However, there are people who are using this scheme to scam others.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advises people to do the following steps in order to verify whether the debt collector is legitimate or not:

  • Ask for information about the debt collect including the name of the person, name of the company, office address, telephone number, and professional license number.
  • Ask for a “validation notice”, which states the amount of your debt, the name of the credit to whom the money was owed, and the steps on how to proceed in case the person thinks that he/she don’t owe the money. Remember that the notice must be sent within 5 days after the debt collector contacts the person.

How to Buy Your Dream Home without Going Broke


At a very young age, we dream of having our own home – a place where we can start reaching for our goals and eventually, where we can start our own family. We are super excited for this day to come. However, when you consider the financial aspect of buying your dream home, it can be seriously overwhelming. According to the International Business Times, the price for houses in 2017 won’t increase but the mortgage rates will soar. Last December 29, the mortgage rate hit 4.32%. Based on the data of U.S. Census Bureau, the average selling price of houses is $360,900 and the median is $312,900. For those who want to buy a new home, it can be frustrating and discouraging.

But despite all of these, you shouldn’t get discouraged because you can still buy your dream home without going broke. There are several ways that you can do.

First, learn how much you need in order to buy your dream house. There are several factors that affect its price including the location, security, establishments in the area, appraisal value, upgrades and updates, and much more. It is important to be financially prepared so that you won’t accumulate debt that will make you work until the day you’ll die.

Second, ask advice from the professionals. Working with a realtor, lender, and home inspector will greatly help you in making an informed decision. The realtor and lender may work together in order to find your dream house without you going broke. They will be able to help you get pre-approved so that you won’t have to borrow money that you’ll have difficulty paying back. On the other hand, a home inspector will help you examine the property and give you advice regarding the state of the house – whether it will need any repairs or upgrades.

Third, consider looking for homes at the lower end of your budget. Just because a property is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it will suit your standard of ‘dream house’. You might be surprised that the perfect home can cost a lot less than what you are expecting. Thus, you won’t go broke and you can save some money.

Lastly, save from paying little to no taxes when you buy owner occupied home. In the U.S., the tax code is favorable in this situation. If you became an owner occupant and wanted to sell your home after some time, you won’t have to pay any capital gain taxes. Note that you have to live in the home for 2 out of the last 5 years in order to qualify for this exemption.

Preparation You Need To Do Before Taking Standardized Tests

Taking the standardized tests is a major part of the college application process. In addition to your academic standing in your high school year, these standardized tests are one of the bases that college admission officers evaluate. Knowing that it can affect their future, this can bring heavy pressure to every high school students.

For every college, they have different requirements regarding the standardized tests. Some may require for you to take SAT, ACT, and even Advance Placement Test. You also have to remember that there are still lots of things that you have to do, such as high school workloads; school and organization activities; keeping your class ranks and GPA at the top; preparing essential documents for your college applications and financial aid, and keeping up with all of your deadlines. This time of their lives can be very chaotic and extremely stressful for every high school students. But if you keep on thinking about it, then it will just add up to the things that will stress you more. The best thing that you can do is to be prepared for these standardized exams.

Before the test

Preparation is the key for you to perform well. You have to organize your schedule and study periods; make research about the standardized tests from the past years; keep yourself fit and healthy; and just simply relax.

  • Understand the test format

From the previous years, know what formats are being used for each test and the categories on it. If you took a practice test when you are in your junior year, then it will definitely give you the advantage because you were able to experience how the tests are being conducted.

  • Practice

There are several prep classes that you can enroll with. With the help of the mentors, you will be able to improve the areas where you are having difficulties. There are also prep test booklets that you can purchase. With the help of practicing, you will be able to recognize your errors, especially the careless mistakes.

  • Understand how the test is scored

ACT and SAT are graded differently with each other. On SAT, you will lose a quarter of your point for every wrong answer. While on ACT, there is no penalty for wrong answers. This means that on ACT, even if you don’t know the correct answer the best thing that you can do it guess. But with SAT, guessing an answer will give you 75 percent chance of losing a quarter. This is not good on your part because if you add it all up, you might lose huge points in your exam.

  • Prepare your study periods

Never try to cram because it will definitely not help you in getting high scores in the tests. The best thing to do is to start early. Even if it’s still 3 months from the schedule, you should start reviewing. Good studying habits and studying consistently will help you retain the information from your review materials.

  • Keep yourself fit and healthy

Tests are not just about being mentally prepared; you also need to be physically fit so that you will have the energy to study and do your tasks. Your schedule may be chaotic but never neglect yourself. Eating healthy food can also help your memory.

  • Get enough sleep

Do not pull an all-nighter before the test because it will affect your performance. Complete the 7 – 8 hours sleep so that you will be able to fully relax your mind. You will have a clear mind during the exam.

  • Arrive in the testing facility early

If you are not familiar with the venue, then you should leave your home early so that you will have more time to look for the place.

  • Relax your mind before the exam

Keep yourself from feeling pressured and stressed because it will affect your performance. Just keep your mind clear and remember the lessons that you studied.

During the exam

  • Read the instructions and questions carefully.

This is the most important part of the test. You have to pay attention to every single detail. If not, it will lead to an error or a careless mistake that can lead to the reduction in your score.

  • Be aware of the time limit.

Wearing a watch is helpful in the tests so that you will know how much time has passed and the time left for you to finish. It will also help you to calculate how much minutes you have to assign for every question so that you will be able to finish the tests.

  • Don’t get distracted by other students.

It is important you are solely focused on answering the questions. Being distracted can cause you a mistake or get mentally blocked during the test.

  • Avoid guessing your answers, as much as possible.

Remember the scoring of the tests. It is not bad to guess an answer with ACT, but with SAT your points will be deducted from the wrong answers. The most important thing is to make sure that your answer is 100% certain.

  • Review your answers.

If you still have enough time, go back from the start. Check if you followed the instructions correctly. Return to the questions that you were not able to answer yet. Review the questions that you are uncertain with your answer.

Taking standardized tests can be really stressful and will surely put pressure to you. The worst thing that you can do is just think about it and let more stress and pressure add to your mind. Remember that in everything that we do, preparation is always the key to success. With a carefully devised plan and steps to help you with, you will be assured that you will perform well in the tests.

Improving Your Chances of Getting Accepted in College

College is one of the most important parts of our life that it can absolutely affect our future. This is the reason why you should spend a lot of time devising a plan regarding college application. You have to carefully consider every factor and take necessary steps to ensure that you will have a great future. The best time to prepare for college is in your freshmen year in high school. Some of you may think that it is too much to prepare that early. But you have to realize that your high school record will be evaluated by colleges not only based in your senior year but your whole high school record. Therefore, early preparation is the most important part of planning to improve your chance of getting accepted to your dream college.

College application can be both exciting and stressful. When you think of applying to college, the first thing that you will be thinking is the endless deadlines that you have to meet and the heavy workload that you have to do. In addition, the pressure of excelling in everything that you will do due to fierce competition with other highly qualified students applying to elite schools. But if you use the right approach, you can definitely make your high school experience more memorable while increasing your chance of getting accepted in college.

  • Build your academic profile

The first thing you need to do is to study hard, from your freshman up to senior year. Your performance should be consistent, with your GPA and class ranking staying at the top of the class. Talk with your teachers if you need more help with your subjects. In addition to this, you have to prepare for the SAT and ACT and other standardized tests that your preferred college requires. You may consider additional help by getting a tutor, enrolling in a test prep class, and getting test prep books. Another option is to take Advance Placement (AP) test, where you can earn acceleration or class credits if you were able to perform well. Besides taking care of your classes, you should also join academic teams, competitions, and organizations. In joining an organization, it can be another way of socializing with fellow students and being able to learn additional skills.

  • Prove that you are a well-rounded student

Well-rounded means a student can excel academically and be involved in extra-curricular activities, all at once. You may consider joining clubs in your school, which can be involved in sports and other clubs like drama, dance, choir, or cheerleading group. It can be more fun if you will participate in an activity that you are passionate about. You will not feel obligated to do a various task for the group and you will also learn more about it. Another thing to consider is participation in school activities like fundraisers and charity works. Lastly, you should consider learning other skills like playing an instrument. This will not just improve your credential, but you will grow more as a person.

  • Participate in your community

Since you are participating in school activities, you might as well consider being involved in activities in your community. By being active, you will be able to help other people like out-of-school youths, people with disabilities, or elders who live in the retirement village. You will be able to learn how to communicate with different types of people and improve your self-confidence. Furthermore, you can gain important connections in your community that can help you in gaining an awesome recommendation letter for your college admission.

  • Let them know that you are industrious

Real world experience may also hold significant credit to your resume. So if you think that you can manage your time effectively, you may consider having a part-time job or summer employment. College can be expensive and save up for it can be very helpful for you and your family. Besides getting a credential, learning how to work in the real world and saving up can be a great experience for you. You will have an insight about having a job, learn how to manage your own money, and acquire additional skill in the process.

  • Learn how to write a remarkable admission essay

This part of college admission can be very nerve-wracking. You have to carefully think of how you will answer the essay questions of every college. Colleges have different requirements for these; some might require lengthy essays while some have little instruction regarding its supposed content. You should remember that it has to be professional and personal altogether. Make sure that it will be outstanding and every admission officer will be impressed with its content. If you are unsure with your admission essay, you can ask for help and feedback from your teachers, guidance counselor, or even with your parents. Note that you may need to edit your essay as long as you know that you can improve it.

  • Gain a glowing letter of recommendation

Every college requires for you to submit at least one or it can range up to four recommendation letters, depending on their requirement. College admission offices take this seriously because it contains how your previous teachers, employers, or guidance counselor views you with your academic or work performance, social interaction, your attitude and behavior. It is important that you ask recommendation letter from the people who knows you best. You should also give them enough time to construct the letter.

Colleges carefully assess your high school grades, extracurricular activities, standardized test results, recommendations from your teachers and guidance counselor, admission essays, and interviews, if they require. It is a great challenge to get into the college of your choice, but if you work hard and stay focus on your goal you will ensure optimal consideration for admission in your dream college.

How College Students Can Prepare To Be Job-Ready

College is one step closer to living in the ‘real’ world. Most people spent almost 16 years of their life in school to get ready and face the challenges in life. In school, success is easily determined by grades and class rankings and most of the problems are involved with school works and extracurricular activities that should meet every deadline. But in real life, success is determined by various factors and most of the time there is no deadline to meet, rather you have to deal with the situation until it has been finally solved. In fulfilling task or solving situations, your solutions might get rejected by your boss or the problem may still arise then you have to deal with it again and again. Most of the time, you have to handle multiple tasks that have the same deadlines. With these things in mind, it can be quite scary to face challenges in the real world. But there are several ways to get prepared while you are still in college.

Most students think that after graduating in college means that they can easily get a job. But nowadays, getting hired can be really difficult. There are several college graduates that are qualified for the job positions available. Thus, there is a very steep competition to get hired. It is ideal to have high grades and good credentials, but most companies are looking for those who have skills as well that they can use for the job. Companies are now using strict screening process in order to hire the best possible candidate for the position. Most students have also realized this situation, thus they make sure that they will be able to get into best colleges. While some of them are choosing to pursue a graduate degree so that they will have more access to several job positions.

If you are in college and wants to have a great career in the future, here are some suggestions that you should try doing as part of your college life:

  • Pay attention to your classes

This will not only help you ace your exams and get high grades for your subjects, but you will be more disciplined. You will have to take your course seriously by attending your class, paying attention, and doing every requirement. You should also get involved in class discussions or interact with your professor. Learn how to ask them when you have doubts or questions. Make sure that you are well-informed about the topic. This will definitely help you improve your social and intellectuals skills. Employers really like candidates that are bright and confident.

  • Participate in extracurricular activities

Most companies are looking for candidates who don’t simply have great grades, but as well as those with great credentials. These credentials came from joining extracurricular activities and community projects. Employers wanted to have a potential employer that can easily balance their life and work schedules. In addition to having great credentials, this is where you will be able to learn different skills such as social, communication, leadership, teamwork, and most importantly time management. This will improve your critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving for the organization’s projects. Group works are also a great way to lead and work with others while improving your social and communication skills. To top it all, you will have to learn to manage your time wisely. But the most important thing is that you can still have fun while doing these activities and earning good credentials, all at the same time.

  • Getting an internship or summer-jobs

Having a real work experience can be your great advantage because employers will know that you are able to learn a thing or two about having a job. During your internship, you will be able to learn different skills. You can learn some technical skills that will be useful in your future career. In addition, some companies are offering paid internship. Thus, you will learn a lot and earn money at the same time.

  • Network

In college, you will be able to meet different people, especially if you join organizations and apply for summer jobs or internships. Make sure that you are able to connect with them and create a network. It is also better if you have a good relationship with your professors and seniors. Through these different people, you will have a more diverse knowledge and you will learn how to work with different kind of personalities. Moreover, these people will know how you work and its quality. Having a good connection can be very helpful in your future employment.

  • Learn to love challenges

Unlike with school where academic loads stop at the end of the semester, challenges in jobs are constant. It is never ending and most of the time you have to deal with multiple tasks and situations that you should be able to fulfill. Therefore, you should be well adapted to every situation that will come in your way.

There is an increasing competition in getting hired for the job that you really want. Thus, it is important that you are not just an intelligent student. You should be able to prove to employers that you can handle the position because of the skills that you possess as well. You should be able to prove with every employer that you are ready to take on a job.

How College Organizations Can Help Students

College is an important phase of everyone’s life. This is the time when most of us are trying to figure out what we want in life, building our reputation, and trying to learn as much as we can before entering the ‘real world’. Unlike in our high school years, college is where we first experience almost everything; we are introduced to different types of people, diverse cultures, exposed to different lifestyles, and discover various ideas. With all of these happening all at the same time, this is overwhelming for a freshmen student but college is a great way to experience new things and learn about life.

Life in college can be intimidating, especially if you are several miles away from your hometown; far from your families and old friends. You might feel lonely and homesick at times during your first week in college. There will be a group of students gathering in the cafeteria table or in the courtyard, talking about their lives or classes and simply having fun. But you do not have to get all depress because you don’t have anyone to talk to because college is the best opportunity to be able to meet and have new friends. With several college organizations available in every campus, this is the perfect opportunity to establish new friendships and be able to connect with the campus community. In addition, this will help you with your career and be able to learn several skills.

There are several reasons why college student should consider joining organizations.

  • Networking: This is the best way to meet fellow students and establish new friendships with the people who share similar interest with you.
  • Social skills: With the different kinds of students in the campus, your conversation and engagement will definitely improve.
  • Professional experience: Organizations will have several activities like community works. With your active participation, you will be exposed to opportunities that will help in your professional career.
  • Time management skills: You will be able to learn how to manage and prioritize your tasks, and balance your academic and social life.
  • Leadership skills: Since you will be a part of an organization, you will be assigned with some tasks. This is a great opportunity to learn about responsibilities of being a leader.

Before you join in any organization, there are things that you have to keep in mind.

  • First, choose organizations that interest you. This is a great way to meet people with the same interest as yours, which can be political views, social values, and intellectual curiosity. It can be a fun way to learn more about the thing that you are passionate about and be able to exchange ideas with its members.
  • Second, you can explore your options. Aside from joining an organization of your interest, you can also take this opportunity to join a group that you are curious about or something that you wanted to try for a very long time. Take this as another way to learn while you are in college.
  • Third, do not overcommit to several clubs. Student organizations will teach you several skills that can help you in college and can be useful in the future. Active participation can help you improve your grades because your mind is agile and attentive. But you have to remember that if you sign-up in an organization, you are expected to commit a time for them and be able to participate in their activities. Be aware of your priorities and manage your time wisely. You don’t want to overexert yourself and let your grades drop.
  • Lastly, a student organization can be ways to have a fun experience. For some of the students, organizations in college are only a good way to build credential in their resume or another obligation that they need to handle. In addition, it can be a way to socialize with other students. With the activities and programs, you will be able to meet people and establish more friendships.

Do not think that it will be just another obligation that will require so much of your time or some way for other students to influence new students about their political views and opinions. Do not just join an organization so that you will have a great resume to present in the future. You should use this opportunity to learn more skills, be active in the college community, and be able to socialize with other students. Regardless of what kind of organization that you decide to join, use every opportunity as an advantage to grow and learn more.

Easy Recipes to Prepare For College Students

Some high school students were lucky enough to have their parents making meals for them. When they arrive from school, they go straight to their room to rest a bit then start with their school works. After a while, their mom will knock on the door and have a snack prepared for them. This kind of gesture is really helpful from the stress and pressure that they experience due to school works and other extracurricular activities. Meal times are also part of family bonding. After a long day, the dinner table is where families share their daily experiences and exchange ideas. This kind of moments is what most freshmen students really missed the most, especially the healthy food that they are able to eat.

Most college students start off their semester by making ‘real’ and eating healthy meals for themselves. But due to school work piling up with classes and study sessions, extracurricular activities that they need to commit, and they might also have part-time jobs; eating a healthy food or let alone just eat can be forgotten by most students. College students are very busy, stressed, and sometimes broke that they have to choose fast foods, canned goods, easy-to-cook meals, or take-outs. They opt to buy food that they can easily eat anytime and anywhere, without any regards to its nutritional content. Students just wanted to make sure that they are able to eat. For a student like you, the word ‘cooking’ for your meal may give you a negative reaction. The first thing that will come to your mind is that it is time-consuming and expensive. But if you think about it, cooking can be a way to take a break from your activities and let your mind relax for a bit. In addition, it will be beneficial to your body because you will be able to eat healthy food that will keep yourself nourished and full of energy to make it through your day as a college student.

Here are some of the easy, filling, totally tasty, and healthy dishes that can be added to a college student’s weekly meal plan.

  • Yogurt and Granola bar: This two can be easily purchased in the grocery store. But to make this breakfast meal healthier, you can add some berries and bananas. This meal contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are good for your body.
  • Chicken Pasta: All you need to have is chicken breast, noodles, and a sauce. The sauce can be purchased in the market, but you can choose to make your own. All you have to do is cook the noodles with hot water, then boil the chicken, and blend together with the sauce. You can choose to include spinach or other vegetables. This is ideal for a lunch meal, and if you made a bit more then you can simply put it in the fridge. You can microwave it then serve for dinner.
  • Omelet: This is a famous meal, especially for breakfast because it is so easy and fast to make. Another plus is because omelet is considered as a healthy meal. You can cook a plain omelet, but it is better if you add some vegetables that you like. To finish, add some fruit or a slice of toast to the side. Viola! You have a quick and healthy meal to eat.
  • Chicken or Veggie Quesadilla: This is prepared just like a grilled cheese sandwich except for its ingredients. You just have to put to heat the flour tortilla flipped and sprinkle with grated melting cheese. After the cheese melts, add the cooked chicken, peppers, onion, or other vegetables that you prefer.
  • Spinach Feta Grilled Cheese: Grilled cheese is not a healthy food but everyone loves it. Good thing that you can make the dish to be a healthy one. You just have to add some frozen spinach, a bit of garlic, red pepper flakes, and feta.
  • Dragon Noodles: Want some Chinese take-outs? No need to order because you can easily do your own dish. You can do this in just 30 minutes, the same time that you have to wait for your order but sometimes it takes longer. All you need is the pasta, a simple sauce that you can easily make (combination of brown sugar, soy sauce, and sriracha), butter, egg, red pepper, cilantro, and green onion.

These recipes are only a simple suggestion so that you can have a healthy meal. You can also try doing your own recipe, where you can use some leftover from your previous meals and common ingredients that can be found in the kitchen. You can also try to turn every dish into a healthy one.

College can be very stressful for every student but this is not a valid excuse to neglect your own health. It is really important to monitor your eating habits and meals. Remember that you cannot do your task if you don’t have the right amount of energy, especially if you are sick. You also need to take a break once in a while. Make cooking a fun and relaxing activity, while being able to achieve a healthy diet.



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