Posting content

Wow. My last post was back in 2015. I already forgot that I have a WP account. I think I’ll start posting again here. I’m still not sure about the contents, though. I think I’ll post some of the articles that I wrote from my previous job. To make sure that it won’t be flagged as ‘plagiarized’, I’ll use a plagiarism checker tool. Some other contents may also include random thoughts and even reviews. The reviews might be mostly about the things that I love, such as movies, U.S. tv shows, Asian dramas, mangas, animes, and much more.

For future readers, I’m not really good in writing or mastered the English language (I’m from the Philippines). So for the grammar Nazis out there, please pardon my future mistakes. Hell. I’m not even sure if someone will read my posts.

I don’t know if my post will include photos too because right now I don’t have a high-quality camera or phone. Maybe in the future? So for the meantime, it will be pure texts. The articles that I’ll post first are some college tips. I made this articles back in 2016 for an educational website. However, upon checking, it seems like it was not posted on the internet or any website. I think it is such a waste not to post these articles. I hope that people will find these helpful, especially college students.