How College Students Can Prepare To Be Job-Ready

College is one step closer to living in the ‘real’ world. Most people spent almost 16 years of their life in school to get ready and face the challenges in life. In school, success is easily determined by grades and class rankings and most of the problems are involved with school works and extracurricular activities that should meet every deadline. But in real life, success is determined by various factors and most of the time there is no deadline to meet, rather you have to deal with the situation until it has been finally solved. In fulfilling task or solving situations, your solutions might get rejected by your boss or the problem may still arise then you have to deal with it again and again. Most of the time, you have to handle multiple tasks that have the same deadlines. With these things in mind, it can be quite scary to face challenges in the real world. But there are several ways to get prepared while you are still in college.

Most students think that after graduating in college means that they can easily get a job. But nowadays, getting hired can be really difficult. There are several college graduates that are qualified for the job positions available. Thus, there is a very steep competition to get hired. It is ideal to have high grades and good credentials, but most companies are looking for those who have skills as well that they can use for the job. Companies are now using strict screening process in order to hire the best possible candidate for the position. Most students have also realized this situation, thus they make sure that they will be able to get into best colleges. While some of them are choosing to pursue a graduate degree so that they will have more access to several job positions.

If you are in college and wants to have a great career in the future, here are some suggestions that you should try doing as part of your college life:

  • Pay attention to your classes

This will not only help you ace your exams and get high grades for your subjects, but you will be more disciplined. You will have to take your course seriously by attending your class, paying attention, and doing every requirement. You should also get involved in class discussions or interact with your professor. Learn how to ask them when you have doubts or questions. Make sure that you are well-informed about the topic. This will definitely help you improve your social and intellectuals skills. Employers really like candidates that are bright and confident.

  • Participate in extracurricular activities

Most companies are looking for candidates who don’t simply have great grades, but as well as those with great credentials. These credentials came from joining extracurricular activities and community projects. Employers wanted to have a potential employer that can easily balance their life and work schedules. In addition to having great credentials, this is where you will be able to learn different skills such as social, communication, leadership, teamwork, and most importantly time management. This will improve your critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving for the organization’s projects. Group works are also a great way to lead and work with others while improving your social and communication skills. To top it all, you will have to learn to manage your time wisely. But the most important thing is that you can still have fun while doing these activities and earning good credentials, all at the same time.

  • Getting an internship or summer-jobs

Having a real work experience can be your great advantage because employers will know that you are able to learn a thing or two about having a job. During your internship, you will be able to learn different skills. You can learn some technical skills that will be useful in your future career. In addition, some companies are offering paid internship. Thus, you will learn a lot and earn money at the same time.

  • Network

In college, you will be able to meet different people, especially if you join organizations and apply for summer jobs or internships. Make sure that you are able to connect with them and create a network. It is also better if you have a good relationship with your professors and seniors. Through these different people, you will have a more diverse knowledge and you will learn how to work with different kind of personalities. Moreover, these people will know how you work and its quality. Having a good connection can be very helpful in your future employment.

  • Learn to love challenges

Unlike with school where academic loads stop at the end of the semester, challenges in jobs are constant. It is never ending and most of the time you have to deal with multiple tasks and situations that you should be able to fulfill. Therefore, you should be well adapted to every situation that will come in your way.

There is an increasing competition in getting hired for the job that you really want. Thus, it is important that you are not just an intelligent student. You should be able to prove to employers that you can handle the position because of the skills that you possess as well. You should be able to prove with every employer that you are ready to take on a job.


De-stressing Tips for College Students

Sometimes, college can be a really stressful environment for every student. There will come a time when you think that there is so much thing that you need to do that 24 hours is insufficient for a day. You will wish that you have the power to stop time so that you can rest or just basically breathe for just a minute or two. But you know that these things are impossible. You may just want to cry, hate anything that is around you, and just simply quit about everything. But you still know in yourself that you can’t simply do that and throw a tantrum or crying won’t do anything good for you that will lessen your workload. The more you think about the things that stress you, the more you’ll feel worse.

There are several things that make a college student’s life to be very stressful: being away from home, families, and friends; having new school schedule to follow; interacting with new people; loads of school works and activities; joining and participating in student organizations; having a job or internship; budgeting their allowance; the pressure to get and maintain high grades; eating right; with all of these activities while trying to get enough sleep. With all of these things going on in every student’s life, it is not surprising that you will experience so much stress. It is important to remember that all of these stressful experiences are just part of dealing with your daily life. As you experience these difficult situations, there will also things that you will acquire and learn which can be proven useful in the future. You may learn how to organize your tasks and manage your time properly. You may also learn how to effectively multitask. Here are some tips that will definitely help you to de-stress and relax so that you can focus on what you need to do.

  • Get enough sleep

This is one of the most important things that you need to do because, without enough energy, you won’t be able to do your tasks. Ideally, you should have 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Taking a nap during the day can also help you to be more alert and focus.

  • Eat healthy food

Eating too much junk food is not only harmful to your body but to your mind as well. Stress-eating or comfort food is fine as long as you don’t do it often. But if you are experiencing too much stress, you have to feed yourself with healthy food that will improve your memory and focus. You should eat fish, blueberries, walnuts, and almonds. Drinking green tea can also help you relax. You should also eat away from your computer or workplace so that you can enjoy your food.

  • Drink plenty of water

Water hydrates you and helps you to function properly making you more efficient. It flushes out toxins in your body and makes you less lethargic. The water makes your blood circulate more making your body de-stress.

  • Do yoga or meditate

Yoga can definitely help you reduce stress. Proper stretching and breathing can promote relaxation, relieve tension, and help you calm. Meditating can help you clear your mind, making you mentally relaxed.

  • Do simple stretching

Stress makes your body tenser, that’s why you feel certain body parts especially your shoulder. You can do simple stretching wherever you are, like in a library or your room, for a few minutes. Simple stretching can improve your mood and will relax your body.

  • Go for a short walk

You may think that you have to stay in your position and continue what you are doing, that you cannot leave your place until you are done. But this is a wrong way to do your task. Taking a small break and going for a walk will definitely help you to clear your mind. Walking also boost endorphins, the hormones that help reduce stress in your body. Consider walking to a quiet place like in a park or other green space. A quiet environment will put your body into a state of meditation.

  • Keep a diary or maintain a blog

When you feel that there is so much thing going on in your life, you just wanted to scream what you are feeling. But there are times that you feel that there is no one who you can talk to. Or you are just shy to open up your feelings to other. Writing your feelings down can help you have a bit of self-reflection. It might help you figure out the cause of your stress and be able to find a way and solve it.

  • Breathe deeply

This is the simplest way to help you relax. The extra boost of oxygen can help reduce tension and relieve stress. With only a few minutes, it will help in your mental health.

We don’t really have a choice when it comes to getting stressed, but with these simple activities, your body will be able to handle the stressful situations that college may bring to you. You will have a more relaxed body and a peaceful mind to work on your ‘To Do List’. So get on with your tasks and survive college. Just simply breathe and don’t forget to smile.

Best Summer Jobs for College Students

College can be very stressful that you just wanted the semester to end so that you can relax and enjoy. And the favorite break that almost every student wanted is during the summer. This is the best time to have fun, attending beach parties, going for a long road trip, simply hanging out with your friends, or go camping and have an outdoor experience to be completely at peace with nature. Everybody deserves a break for themselves, but there are several ways for a college student to have fun, but also learn new skills and earn money at the same time. Isn’t that much better?

Having a summer job or applying for an internship is definitely beneficial for every college student. It will not only be a good credential for your resume, but you will also learn new sets of skills that can be proven useful in the future, and be able to have money of your own. Some students may think that it is a tedious way to spend summer breaks and a total killjoy, that it should be spent with loads of parties and having the time of their lives. It is important to note that college is one step of becoming an adult. It is the phase where you should try learning as much as possible before facing the real world. But it doesn’t have to be always about being too serious about life; you should also enjoy and savor every moment of it. Remember that you can seriously prepare for the future while having so much fun.

Freelance Writer

This job is definitely the best one because of several things about it. First, you can do it online. You don’t have to wake up early, shower, get dressed, and go to work. With this job, you can work in the comfort of your own home or apartment while wearing your pajamas. Second, the schedule is flexible. Some employers may require you to work during office hours with time software to check your attendance. But most employers just simply require for you to finish the job and meet their set deadlines. With the flexibility in the schedule, you can surely still have some time to take a break and have fun activities for the summer. Third, you can negotiate your rate. If you are confident that your skills with writing and researching are great, and you have a portfolio to prove it to potential clients or employer then you can surely request for a higher pay. Fourth, there is still a lot to learn. If you think that you have an average skill with writing, then you can definitely improve it with this job. College classes require lots of school works that involves research and writing. It will not just improve your skills, but also your academic performance. Fifth, you can choose to write for topics or company that is related to your degree. This is another way to ‘study’ and learn more about your chosen career, and earn money at the same time.


Most of you will think that this is a hard job and the pay is not that great. This is true, but the most important thing about this job is about learning several skills and adopting attitudes that will be very useful in the future. Serving in restaurants or fast food chains deals with customer service, due to this you will be able to improve most of your social skills especially your patience in handling clients. If you are a shy person, this can be a good way to develop your communication skills with other people. You will have to learn how to interact with your clients. When dealing with difficult customers, it will definitely test your patience and learn how to act gracefully even under pressure. It can also improve your memory skills and remember the things about your customers. And if you are working for a fine establishment, you may be able to expand your connection and meet important people. Remember that networking can be very useful in the future.


Nowadays it is hard to get an internship with pay. But who cares when you can expand your network and learn things that are going to useful in your future employment, right? Yes, you are expecting to get paid if you are going to work for a company. But if you really think about it, a number of skills and experience that you will get from them is more valuable. Note that there are several things that you will not learn inside the classroom but through real life experience. Most companies look for potential employees that do not only have a good academic standing but also those who are proven to be proactive and have skills that can be useful for the job. On the other hand, it is also important that you choose the right company to intern for. There are several employers who are abusing their unpaid interns. Before you accept an internship offer, make sure that you are going to have more advantage from it. And if you are confident enough with your skills and credentials, know your value and go for a paid internship.


At first, you may think that you have to deal with unreasonable kids and their constant complaints and lots of wailing in the process. But if you think about it, this kind of summer job is ideal especially for those who are pursuing a degree to have a career in teaching, psychology, pediatrician, or nursing. This can be a great experience to know how you will be able to deal with children in your future career. You will be able to demonstrate good leadership and creativity. As an adult, you have to be a role model and teach them valuable lessons in life. This is also a good way to reminisce your childhood memories while doing your job. And if you are doing an excellent job of taking care of the children, you can definitely earn valuable connections with their parents and a good recommendation to other potential clients.


Can’t find the right job for you? Or you have a better idea and wanted to launch your own ‘company’? Students pursuing a degree in business can definitely have their own company and start it up on college break. You can definitely apply all of the things you learned in your classes. This might be a bit harder than simply applying to a company. But if you think that you have the resources and useful connections then go for it. There is nothing wrong with trying.

Being in college is not all about excelling in academics, but also learning social and technical skills. You should be able to balance your academic and social life. Note that you can still de-stress from college activities and have lots of fun while earning money and saving it up for the coming semesters all at the same time.


After College: Job Application or Graduate School

After spending most of your time learning in school, you are now one step closer to facing the ‘real world’. However, this moment can be confusing and scary for every college student. Some are still not sure about their future plans, but there are only three choices that they need to think about: first, pursuing the career that they dream of; second, continuing their education in graduate school; and third, some might think of taking a break for a short time. Choosing what you wanted to do can be one of the toughest decisions of your post-undergrad life.

If you are a college senior, the most common question that will be addressed to you is, “What are you going to do after graduation?” For students that are still confused, it can be really dreadful. You wanted your family members and friends to be proud that you have an ambition and direction in life. But it is understandable to be confused at this stage of your life. You just wanted to think about what is going to be the best choice that will make your future be well-planned. For students who wanted to pursue a Ph.D., professors may advise them to directly continue to graduate school. And for those students who are comfortable enough in school life, they may choose to continue their education than to face their first-ever job search because it is less intimidating for them. According to some people, if you do not continue to graduate school after college you may never return to school to pursue your studies. In order to help you with your dilemma, here are some of the questions that you should consider to ask yourself before applying to graduate school or applying for a job.

  • Do your career goals require an advanced degree?

Make a thorough research about the career path that you wanted to pursue. In some cases, a master’s degree or doctorate isn’t necessary for you to be successful. Your dream career may benefit more if you gain real-world work experience instead of attending graduate school. But if you are still not sure what your career goals are, then it will be ideal if you apply for a job first where you can further discover your strengths and think about what is your real interest. In some professions like teaching, research, practice in medical or health fields, and law school, it is ideal that you apply to graduate school immediately after graduating in college.

  • Do you feel burnt out?

After years of careful planning, being loaded with school works, doing extracurricular activities, and you may even have part-time jobs and internship, it is normal that you feel burnt out of keeping up with all of these activities. If you feel this way, then it is advisable that you take a break for a while. If you are not fully committed to pursuing a graduate degree, then you should not apply. Think about the time and money that you have to invest, it may be wasted if you are not serious enough with your goals. It is also important to note that graduate school is more intense than your undergraduate experience.

  • Are you financially stable?

Do you have any student loan debt that you have to pay for after college? If you don’t have any financial support like scholarship, a regular income, or any savings in your bank account, then it is better if you wait for a few more years. Apply for a job after college and improve your financial situation by paying off your student loans first. Don’t think of adding up more loans in your existing one to be able to apply in graduate school. It is normal to borrow money but you should think about your future and the financial stress that it will give you. You won’t want to spend your whole life working just to pay off the debt you accumulated. After paying off your debt, you can now start saving up. If you still want to pursue your education to graduate school, then you can now start planning on it.

  • Did you receive any job offers?

Some students are lucky enough to receive job offers before college graduation. Again, research if the career that you wanted to pursue doesn’t require a graduate degree, then think about accepting the offer. If you think that you will gain career advancement and skills, matches your degree, and offers financial stability, then it is best if you accept it. Remember that you should not let this kind opportunity to pass you by and that you can still return to school in the future if you really want to.

Making a decision after college can be really confusing and stressful. Everyone experiences this kind of dilemma in life. And if you really need more time to think, you can take a break first. It is important to consider that you can always return to graduate school or apply for a job at a later time. The most important thing is to know in yourself that you really have a goal that you wanted to achieve and a definite direction to a bright future.