Improving Your Chances of Getting Accepted in College

College is one of the most important parts of our life that it can absolutely affect our future. This is the reason why you should spend a lot of time devising a plan regarding college application. You have to carefully consider every factor and take necessary steps to ensure that you will have a great future. The best time to prepare for college is in your freshmen year in high school. Some of you may think that it is too much to prepare that early. But you have to realize that your high school record will be evaluated by colleges not only based in your senior year but your whole high school record. Therefore, early preparation is the most important part of planning to improve your chance of getting accepted to your dream college.

College application can be both exciting and stressful. When you think of applying to college, the first thing that you will be thinking is the endless deadlines that you have to meet and the heavy workload that you have to do. In addition, the pressure of excelling in everything that you will do due to fierce competition with other highly qualified students applying to elite schools. But if you use the right approach, you can definitely make your high school experience more memorable while increasing your chance of getting accepted in college.

  • Build your academic profile

The first thing you need to do is to study hard, from your freshman up to senior year. Your performance should be consistent, with your GPA and class ranking staying at the top of the class. Talk with your teachers if you need more help with your subjects. In addition to this, you have to prepare for the SAT and ACT and other standardized tests that your preferred college requires. You may consider additional help by getting a tutor, enrolling in a test prep class, and getting test prep books. Another option is to take Advance Placement (AP) test, where you can earn acceleration or class credits if you were able to perform well. Besides taking care of your classes, you should also join academic teams, competitions, and organizations. In joining an organization, it can be another way of socializing with fellow students and being able to learn additional skills.

  • Prove that you are a well-rounded student

Well-rounded means a student can excel academically and be involved in extra-curricular activities, all at once. You may consider joining clubs in your school, which can be involved in sports and other clubs like drama, dance, choir, or cheerleading group. It can be more fun if you will participate in an activity that you are passionate about. You will not feel obligated to do a various task for the group and you will also learn more about it. Another thing to consider is participation in school activities like fundraisers and charity works. Lastly, you should consider learning other skills like playing an instrument. This will not just improve your credential, but you will grow more as a person.

  • Participate in your community

Since you are participating in school activities, you might as well consider being involved in activities in your community. By being active, you will be able to help other people like out-of-school youths, people with disabilities, or elders who live in the retirement village. You will be able to learn how to communicate with different types of people and improve your self-confidence. Furthermore, you can gain important connections in your community that can help you in gaining an awesome recommendation letter for your college admission.

  • Let them know that you are industrious

Real world experience may also hold significant credit to your resume. So if you think that you can manage your time effectively, you may consider having a part-time job or summer employment. College can be expensive and save up for it can be very helpful for you and your family. Besides getting a credential, learning how to work in the real world and saving up can be a great experience for you. You will have an insight about having a job, learn how to manage your own money, and acquire additional skill in the process.

  • Learn how to write a remarkable admission essay

This part of college admission can be very nerve-wracking. You have to carefully think of how you will answer the essay questions of every college. Colleges have different requirements for these; some might require lengthy essays while some have little instruction regarding its supposed content. You should remember that it has to be professional and personal altogether. Make sure that it will be outstanding and every admission officer will be impressed with its content. If you are unsure with your admission essay, you can ask for help and feedback from your teachers, guidance counselor, or even with your parents. Note that you may need to edit your essay as long as you know that you can improve it.

  • Gain a glowing letter of recommendation

Every college requires for you to submit at least one or it can range up to four recommendation letters, depending on their requirement. College admission offices take this seriously because it contains how your previous teachers, employers, or guidance counselor views you with your academic or work performance, social interaction, your attitude and behavior. It is important that you ask recommendation letter from the people who knows you best. You should also give them enough time to construct the letter.

Colleges carefully assess your high school grades, extracurricular activities, standardized test results, recommendations from your teachers and guidance counselor, admission essays, and interviews, if they require. It is a great challenge to get into the college of your choice, but if you work hard and stay focus on your goal you will ensure optimal consideration for admission in your dream college.