The Human Aura


Though we are now living in a digital era with several advancements in technology, there are still several things in this world that can’t be explained by logic and science. One of these things is the human aura.

Back then, people are skeptical about the topic of human aura because they can’t “see” it. They thought that some people are simply making it up to gain attention or get a living out of it and earn money. However, several types of research are now showing that it is real. From the Quantum Physics field, there is scientific evidence which proves that we are all interconnected.

So what is human aura? It is an energy field that surrounds a person. Sometimes, it is also referred as a psychic energy field. The human aura is a colorful luminous body made up of multilayered oval energy field that surrounds our physical body. Furthermore, it is composed of colored bands of light, sound, and vibrations. The main source of our aura comes from the energy vortices of the body or the seven chakras; then all of it mixes together. As a result, it becomes an egg-shaped or an electromagnetic field that surrounds our body.

There are three different layers of the aura, which are different from one another because it is composed of physical, emotional, and spiritual. Several factors affect a person’s aura including the state of mind, emotions, and how he/she physically feel. Aside from these, the external factors should also put into consideration, such as energies in the environment, radio frequencies, the force fields of the planets, and much more. Thus, it is not surprising that a person’s aura is always in a state of flux. Based on these factors, the aura will be different from each person. Those who are feeling at ease by practicing yoga and eating healthy foods will have vibrant colors. On the other hand, those who are stressed, physically ill, or doesn’t bother taking care of themselves will have muddied colors. It becomes a visual indicator of a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual states. In addition, it is an electronic signature of who we are.